This homepage contains the results of genealogical investigations, recently undertaken by members of the Korting family. Included also are data inherited from earlier genealogists.
This genealogy covers the names:

Where do Kortings live nowadays
Consulting available Telephonebooks revealed some:
122 families in Germany
56 families in the Netherlands
31 families in the USA
10 families in Australia
2 families in Great Britain
2 families in South Africa
1 family in Canada
Where did the earliest Kortings live ?
Radwardus Corting was A.D. 1257 Olderman of the city of Groningen (The Netherlands).
In the same period and location are cited:
  • Hendrik Corting
  • burgomaster Fretheric Cortinghe
  • and Peter Cortingh
They lived in a stinse named the Cortinghe-huis (= arx cortingis), north of the city of Groningen. This fortified brick house was regularly under attack of neighbouring peasants and was finally demolished June 29th 1338. Remains of this settlement have been discovered in february 1919 by J. A. Mulock Houwer, the city-architect of Groningen.
The oldest known ancestor is Stephan Kortzinck, Judge in Törten (Dessau Ger), born before 1530.
How many branches are known?
Recent findings show that not all Kortings have one common ancestor. At least 3 to 4 Korting lines originate in an isolated area, having -- by that time -- no connection to another Korting line. How and when they adopted the name 'Korting' has in some cases been assessed. It is therefore most unlikely that all these families have one common origin.
Certain family lines, which have been investigated in depth, are marked:   e.g.   K-1 Bernardus Korting
Summary of Korting branches:
 Name :Location :Period :Spouse :

K-1Bernardus KortingUedem~ 1670 Everharda
K-2Jan KortenBennekom~ 1749 Geertje Hendriks
K-3Berthold te KotteTilligte ~ 1602  
K-4Jorgen KottingSpellen ~ 1673 Margaretha
N-1Gerrit KottingAmsterdam15-07-1746 Aletta RENKINK
N-2Albert Antonie KortingAmsterdam25-04-1794 Maria Thresia
N-3Casper Henrich KottingAmsterdam14-10-1796 Anna KOSTER
N-4Arnold KortingAnrath (Ger)~ 1856 Adeljunde Adelheid
N-5Gerhard KortingAlpen (Ger)~ 1862 Anna Sibilla
 Data on Körtings

Who is related to the Kortings?
A summary of Korting related family names can be found in Family Names. Only family names of before 1900 are mentioned.
Register of Korting Locations.
Locations where Kortings have settled, are summarised in the list Korting Locations. Habitats of before 1950 are mentioned only.

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