Genealogy of Jorgen Kotting
K-4Spellen   ~ 1675
Edition: 11  mar 2003
Note: Some updates were provided March 2003 by Wil G. Haggenburg. His notes, with a footnote of  (1) that are in italics are not 100% certain.

This Korting branch has been traced back to Jorgen Kotting and Margaretha Rademacher, who raised a large family around 1700 in Spellen (Ger).
They were mainly Roman Catholic.
There is still a faint feeling that this branch could be related to Bernardus Korting (K-1)

In the church books of Spellen the christening of all his children can be found, where the father unequivocally is named as Jorgen Kotting.
The main question is: Where was Jorgen Kotting born himself?
His family later on adopted the name Korting.

I.1Jorgen Kotting, modo fransman, born < 1673.
Church marr. Spellen 03-06-1694 (tt. Henricus Hennekes modo flaem, Herman Giwinck modo vorst) Margaretha Rhademacher (I.2).
From this marriage:
1.Eilsken (II.1), chr. Spellen 05-09-1697 (tt. Joannes Hacker, Johanna Haussen modo flaems).
2.Catharina (II.2), modo fransman, chr. Spellen 12-10-1698 (tt. Gertrudis Thovorst, Arndt Jansen modo Gringelberg).
3.Eilsken (II.3), chr. Spellen 10-11-1700 (tt. Joannes Thovorst, Christina Hennekes).
4.Joanna Margaretha (II.4), modo fransman, chr. Spellen 23-04-1702 (tt. Adelheidis Tinthof vidua flaems, Connardus Heckman modo flaem).
5.Christina (II.5), condicta fransman, chr. Spellen 02-12-1703 (tt. Christina Grivink modo Hombergs, Joannes Klover).
6.Christina (II.6), modo fransman, chr. Spellen 18-04-1706 (tt. Gertrudis Thovorst, Joann Ridder).
7.Joanna (II.7), modo fransman, chr. Spellen 03-07-1708 (tt. Odilia Dickman, Margaretha Ridders, Diderick Grifinck).
8.Joanna (II.8), chr. Spellen 22-11-1709 (tt. Ida old dn Kamp, Johanna Rademacher, Joes Gringelberg).
9.Henricus (II.9), chr. Spellen 16-12-1711.
10.Joannes Everhard (II.10), chr. Spellen 23-04-1714 (tt. Joannes Spegt, Everard Ewighuis, Aeltjen Scholten gnandt Schuts).
11.Hermannus (II.11), chr. Spellen 20-05-1716.
12.Anna Catharina (II.16), chr. Spellen 20-02-1718 (tt. Anna Catharina Gruns, Anna Wilmsen, Joannes Hollandt modo hamberg), died Wesel 07-04-1794.
Marr. Henricus (Henrick) Kempken (II.15).
13.Theodorus (II.17), chr. Spellen 28-05-1720 (tt. Theodorus Busman, Theodorus Heinrixs, Catharina Kubelers).
II.9Henricus Kotting, chr. Spellen 16-12-1711 (tt. Weissel Kael, Fridericus Neiwerdt modo Gringelberg), son of Jorgen Kotting (III.1) and Margaretha Rhademacher (I.2).
1.Johann Heinrich Korting.
III.1Johann Heinrich Korting, Hutmachergesell, died Wesel 12-12-1821, son of Henricus Kotting
Marr. Anna Christina Catharina Stricker (III.2), died St Martin Wesel 17-04-1840.
From this marriage:
1.Henricus Wilhelmus Antonius (IV.1), born Wesel 26-12-1791, died there 09-03-1796.
II.11Hermannus Kotting, chr. Spellen 20-05-1716 (tt. Hermannus Griving, Johan Fuertsz, Catharina Hervinc), son of Jorgen Kotting and Margaretha Rhademacher (I.2).
Church marr. (1) 04-11-1745 (tt. Hermannus Koeters, Henric Kauffman) Anna Spinnekes (II.12), chr. Lackhausen.
Church marr. (2) Wesel 18-05-1760 Eletta Maassen (II.13).
Church marr. (3) Wesel 12-05-1761 Hendrina Scholten (II.14).
From the first marriage:
1.Joanna Korting (III.3), chr. Wesel 08-05-1746 (tt. Dorothea Spinnekes, Anna Catharina Köttings, Johan Henrick Suckhagen).
2.Margaretha Korting (III.4), chr. Wesel 30-03-1749 (tt. Elsken Boschmans, Bartholomeus Knars).
3.Joanna Korting (III.5), chr. Wesel 02-08-1750 (tt. Johan Perekemper, Fänneken Körtings).
4.Margaretha Elisabeth Korting (III.6), chr. Wesel 24-12-1752 (tt. Elisabeth Wehagen, Derck Jan Rickert).
5.Johann Heinrich Korting (III.7), born Wesel 09-02-1756.
III.7Johann Heinrich Korting, Schuhmacher (Hutmacher), born Wesel 09-02-1756, chr. 11-02-1756 (tt. Henricus Prenger, Johanna Eva ... Wüstman), died there 25-08-1842, son of Hermannus Kotting and Anna Spinnekes (II.12).
Marr. (1) < 1756 Maria Sophia Kocks (III.8), chr. 1762, died Wesel 21-03-1817.
Church marr. (2) there 18-01-1818 Dorothea Krämer (III.9), born 1775, died Wesel 08-11-1854.
From the first marriage:
1.Joannes Gerardus (IV.2), Hutmacher, born Wesel 21-03-1790, died 1791.
2.Henricus Wilhelmus Anton (IV.3), born Wesel 12-01-1792, died there 09-03-1795.
3.Joanna Catharina (IV.4), born Wesel 22-03-1794.
4.Helena Gertrudis (IV.6), born Wesel 24-03-1794.
Marr. Henricus Bergmans (IV.5), born 's Bosch 1800, son of Vincentius Bergmans and Margarita Wolfs.
5.Andreas Georg (Wenzelaus) (IV.7), born Wesel 22-09-1795.
6.Henricus Friederich Anton (IV.10), Schuhmacher, born Wesel 23-03-1798.
Marr. Maria Stahlhaus (IV.11).
7.Joann (IV.12), born Wesel 17-09-1799.
8.Johannes Rudolph (IV.15), born Wesel 07-12-1801, died there 16-01-1807.
9.Maria Margaretha (IV.16), born Wesel 15-07-1803, died there 01-08-1803.
From the second marriage:
10.Rudolphus (IV.17), born Wesel 13-02-1819.
11.Gerhard Christian (IV.18), born Wesel 10-11-1821.
IV.7Andreas Georg (Wenzelaus) Korting, Schuh und Spitzenhändler in Krefeld, born Wesel 22-09-1795, chr. there 25-09-1795, died Krefeld 28-02-1851, bur. there 03-03-1851, son of Johann Heinrich Korting and Maria Sophia Kocks (III.8).
Marr. (1) Krefeld 08-02-1822 Catharina Hersch (IV.8), born Köln 1799, died Krefeld 21-04-1827, bur. there 25-04-1827, dr. of Ferdinand Hersch and Catharina Lammertz.
Marr. (2) Krefeld 11-05-1829 Friederike Catharina Herbener (IV.9), born Mühlheim a Ruhr 1800, dr. of Johann Herbener and Elisabeth Vohwinkel.
From the first marriage:
1.Ludwig Heinrich (V.1), born Krefeld 22-11-1822.
2.Johann Georg (V.3), born Krefeld 15-11-1824.
Marr. Johanna Kessel (V.4).
3.Anna Catharina Hubertine (V.5), born Krefeld 23-04-1825.
4.Maria Magdalena (V.6), born Krefeld 29-07-1826.
From the second marriage:
5.Johann Ludwig (V.7), born Krefeld 21-06-1829.
6.Heinrich Eduard (V.9), born Krefeld 18-01-1830.
7.Georg (V.11), Schreinergesell, born Krefeld 09-01-1832.
8.Emma (V.12), Seidenmasterin, born Krefeld 04-11-1834.
9.Friederike (V.14), born Krefeld 24-01-1838.
Marr. N.N. Schagen (V.13).
V.1Ludwig Heinrich Korting, Trödler Schreiner, born Krefeld 22-11-1822, chr. Krefeld St Dionysius 25-11-1822, died Krefeld 04-02-1912, bur. Krefeld St Dionysius 08-02-1912, son of Andreas Georg (Wenzelaus) Korting and Catharina Hersch (IV.8).
Church marr. Krefeld St Dionysius 29-05-1852 Elisabeth (Maria) Gröting (V.2), born Calcar 30-12-1825, chr. there 02-01-1826, died Krefeld 24-06-1894, bur. Krefeld St Dionysius 27-06-1894, dr. of Joseph Gröting and Elisabeth Peters.
From this marriage:
1.Johann Georg (VI.1), born Krefeld 19-02-1853.
2.Josef Heinrich (VI.3), Schreiner, born Krefeld 02-03-1855, died Philadelphia 1886.
Marr. Philadelphia USA 05-10-1881 N.N. Rippel (VI.4).
3.Ludwig Hermann (VI.5), Schreiner, born Krefeld 06-05-1857.
Marr. 21-11-1883 N.N. Heinen (VI.6).
4.Karl Eduard (VI.7), Schreiner, born Krefeld 19-03-1859.
Marr. Johanna Wuppermann (VI.8).
5.Gustaf Adolf (VI.9), Uhrmachermeister, born Krefeld 07-03-1861.
Marr. 13-11-1888 N.N. Peter (VI.10).
6.Gerhard Eduard (VI.11), Commis (Kaufm. Angest.), born Krefeld 12-02-1866.
VI.1Johann Georg Korting, Schreinermeister, born Krefeld 19-02-1853, chr. Krefeld St Dionysius 22-08-1853, died Krefeld 21-08-1916, son of Ludwig Heinrich Korting and Elisabeth (Maria) Gröting (V.2).
Marr. 19-02-1876, church marr. Krefeld St Dionysius 19-02-1876 Henriette Catharina Schmitz (VI.2), born Krefeld 10-06-1855, chr. Krefeld St Dionysius 15-06-1855, died Krefeld 1939.
From this marriage:
1.Georg Ludwig (VII.1), Anstreicher, born 09-07-1876.
2.Henriette Elisabeth (VII.2), born 11-12-1877.
3.Josefine Marie (VII.3), born 30-08-1879.
4.Gustav Jakob (VII.4), born Krefeld 03-09-1889.
VII.4Gustav Jakob Korting, Rektor, born Krefeld 03-09-1889, chr. Krefeld St Dionysius 06-09-1889, died Krefeld 07-01-1962, son of Johann Georg Korting and Henriette Catharina Schmitz (VI.2).
Church marr. Krefeld St Stephan 11-06-1918 N. N. (VII.5).
From this marriage:
1.Marianne (VIII.1), born Krefeld 25-10-1920, chr. Krefeld St Stephan 28-10-1920.
2.Hans-Günther (VIII.2).
V.7Johann Ludwig Korting, Schreiner, Bäumer Inh einer Bäumerei, born Krefeld 21-06-1829, son of Andreas Georg (Wenzelaus) Korting and Friederike Catharina Herbener (IV.9).
Marr. Johanna Plös (V.8).
From this marriage:
1.Katharina Maria (VI.13), Seidenweberin, born Krefeld 19-05-1852.
Marr. 25-06-1877 Heinrich Schmitz (VI.12).
2.Johann Ludwig Jr (VI.14), born Krefeld 19-11-1855.
3.Adelheid (VI.17), born Krefeld 17-01-1858.
Marr. 01-12-1883 N.N. Boomes (VI.16).
4.Gertrud (VI.19), born Krefeld 06-06-1860.
Marr. 21-11-1884 N.N. Führ (VI.18).
5.Andreas (VI.20), Seidenweber 1888 Vers Agent 1927 Schenkwirt 1936 Rentner, born 30-01-1865, died Krefeld 1938.
6.Anna Elisabeth (VI.22), born Krefeld 01-09-1869.
Marr. 21-11-1895 N.N. Holler (VI.21).
VI.14Johann Ludwig Jr Korting, Seidenweber, born Krefeld 19-11-1855, son of Johann Ludwig Korting and Johanna Plös (V.8).
Marr. Margarethe Busch (VI.15).
From this marriage:
1.Jacob Wilhelm (William) (VII.6), born 27-06-1881.
2.Johann Ludwig (VII.8), born Krefeld 21-10-1890.
VII.6Jacob Wilhelm (William) Korting, Schlossergeselle, born 27-06-1881, died 1938, son of Johann Ludwig Jr Korting and Margarethe Busch (VI.15).
Marr. (Austr) 14-12-1912 Gladys Agnes Lemon (VII.7), born 1893, died Broupton 1941.
From this marriage:
1.Frederick Charles (VIII.3), born > 1912, died 1970.
2.William John, born ~ 1918 (VIII.4).
V.9Heinrich Eduard Korting, Holzbildhauer, born Krefeld 18-01-1830, chr. there 01-02-1830, died there 08-05-1888, son of Andreas Georg (Wenzelaus) Korting and Friederike Catharina Herbener (IV.9).
Marr. Krefeld 14-05-1860 Johanna Elisabeth (Elisabeth) Kellers (V.10), born Moers 18-12-1832, died Krefeld 12-08-1895.
From this marriage:
1.Hugo Heinrich (VI.23), born Krefeld 12-02-1861.
2.Hermann Karl (VI.25), Pliesterermeister, Stuckateur, born Krefeld 12-12-1862.
Marr. there 11-10-1893 Regina Winter (VI.26).
3.Emma (VI.28), born Krefeld 28-03-1866.
Marr. there 07-06-1890 Johannes Schumacher (VI.27), Schneidermeister in Krefeld.
4.Eduard Robert (VI.29), born Krefeld 29-12-1868.
VI.23Hugo Heinrich Korting, Bildhauer, born Krefeld 12-02-1861, son of Heinrich Eduard Korting and Johanna Elisabeth (Elisabeth) Kellers (V.10).
Marr. Krefeld 03-07-1890 Anna Sibille Christine Krekel (VI.24), died 06-02-1892.
From this marriage:
1.August (VII.9), born Krefeld 16-04-1892, died there.
2.Eduard (VII.10), born Krefeld 10-05-1893.
VII.10Eduard Korting, born Krefeld 10-05-1893, son of Hugo Heinrich Korting and Anna Sibille Christine Krekel (VI.24).
1 child
VI.29Eduard Robert Korting, Pliesterermeister und Stuckateur, born Krefeld 29-12-1868, died 1953, son of Heinrich Eduard Korting and Johanna Elisabeth (Elisabeth) Kellers (V.10).
Marr. Krefeld 29-06-1899 Adele Margarethe Gertrud Pastern (VI.30), born Krefeld 12-12-1871, died 1927, dr. of Friedrich Wilhelm Pastern, Krämer a d Breitestr in Krefeld and Margareth Hubertine Katzenberg.
From this marriage:
1.Elisabeth Gertrud (VII.12), born Krefeld 1900, died there 1987.
Marr. Laurenz Mülders (VII.11), Milchhändler, died 1949.
2.Robert Johann Eduard (VII.13), born Krefeld 21-05-1902.
VII.13Robert Johann Eduard Korting, Schneider, Kaufmann in Krefeld, born Krefeld 21-05-1902, died 1945, son of Eduard Robert Korting and Adele Margarethe Gertrud Pastern (VI.30).
Marr. 17-05-1932, church marr. 24-05-1932 Alma Mölders (VII.14), born Xanten 26-11-1904, died 24-06-1989.
From this marriage: 3 children
IV.12Joann Korting, Winkelier, hoedenmaker, born Wesel 17-09-1799, chr. there 18-09-1799 (tt. Joannes Tinthoff, Gertrudis Tinthoff), died Amsterdam 15-01-1860, son of Johann Heinrich Korting and Maria Sophia Kocks (III.8).
Marr. (1) Amsterdam 28-03-1827 (tt. Hendrik Zielhorst, Johannes Wilhelmus Hetterscheid, Henricus Bergman, Michiel Kuilkers) Aleida Zielhorst (IV.13), born Emmerik chr 06-11-1795, died Amsterdam 07-11-1834, dr. of Franciscus Zielhorst and Dorothea Rutten.
Marr. (2) Amsterdam 06-05-1835 (tt. Henricus Bergmans, Hendrik van Straaten, Johannes Everardus Weetink) Maria Wilhelmina van Loenen (IV.14), Dienstbode, born Amsterdam, chr. there 27-01-1803, dr. of Henricus van Loenen, Boedelschikker and Johanna Elisabeth Steevert.
From the first marriage:
1.Henricus Johannes (V.15), born Amsterdam 18-11-1828. Or 20-03-1828 (1)
2.Joannes Körting (V.18), born Amsterdam 1829, died there 18-09-1831.
3.Johanna Catharina Körting (V.19), born Amsterdam 1831, died there 20-08-1831.
4.Franciscus (V.20), born Amsterdam 05-11-1833.
From the second marriage:
5.Anna Maria (V.21), born Amsterdam 09-02-1836 (tt. Henricus Bergmans, Johannes Reinier van der Salm), died there 01-11-1895.
6.Franciscus Henricus (V.22), born Amsterdam 10-06-1838.
7.Josephus Vincentius (V.24), born Amsterdam 03-03-1840.
8.Anna Maria (V.26), born Amsterdam ~ 1842, died there 19-04-1908.
 9.Joannes (V.27), born Amsterdam 27-05-1845, died there 27-05-1845.
 10Ludovicus Joannes, Born Amsterdam 21-01-1842 (1)
11Wilhelmus Henricus, Born Amsterdam 19-04.1844 (1)

Henricus Johannes Korting, Hoedenmaker, born Amsterdam 18‑11‑1828 (according my notes: 20-03-1828 (1)), died there 19‑10‑1913, son of Joann Korting and Aleida Zielhorst (IV.13). Marr. (1) Amsterdam 05-11-1850 Helena Hendrica van Loevezijn (V.16), born Utrecht ~1826, dr of Johannes van Loevezijn and Eva Gerarda van Werkhoven, Marr. (2) Amsterdam 12‑01‑1888 Louisa Pieternella Geertruida Roeder (V.17), born Amsterdam 21‑01‑1838, died there 05‑11‑1913.

From the first marriage:
1.Johannes Henricus (VI.31), born Amsterdam 30-10-1851.
2.Henricus Johannes (VI.33), Boekbinder, born Amsterdam 23-05-1854, died there 26-03-1936.
Marr. there 21-04-1898 (tt. Henricus Johannes Korting, Gerrit Jansen, Joannes Henricus Korting, Jozephus Vincentius Korting) Petronella Koster (VI.34), dr. of Jan Koster and Adriana Verheyde.
 3aEverina Maria, Born Amsterdam 31-10-1856 (1)
3b.Everardus (VI.35), born Amsterdam 22-03-1859 (tt. Johann Korting, Christiaan Spatz).
4.Johanna Helena (VI.36), born Amsterdam 20-07-1861, died there 29-12-1926, bur. 03-01-1927.
5.Geertruida Helena (VI.37), born Amsterdam 13-05-1864, died there 19-12-1908.
VI.31Johannes Henricus Korting, born Amsterdam 30-10-1851, son of Henricus Johannes Korting and Helena Hendrica van Loevezijn (V.16).
Marr. Amsterdam 08-02-1877 Antonia Christina Moes (VI.32).
From this marriage:
1.Helena Hendrika (VII.15), born Amsterdam 07-12-1877 (tt. Henricus Johannes Korting, Henricus Johannes Korting).
2.Petronella Christina (VII.16), born Amsterdam 20-02-1880 (tt. Henricus Joannes Korting, Henricus Johannes Korting).
3.Henricus Johannes (VII.17), born Amsterdam 09-05-1882.
4.Petrus Johannes (VII.19), born Amsterdam 05-05-1884 (tt. Henricus Johannes Korting, Henricus Johannes Korting).
5.Johanna Helena Maria (VII.20), born Amsterdam 10-07-1886.
6.Johannes Henricus (VII.21), born Amsterdam 10-07-1886.
7.Louisa Geertruida Petronella (VII.24), born Amsterdam 19-02-1889 (tt. Henricus Joannes Korting, Henricus Joannes Korting), died there 29-03-1934.
Marr. 13-03-1916 Maximiliaan Hendrik Jan van Swinden (VII.23), born 1891.
8.Leonardus Johannes (VII.25), born Amsterdam 30-12-1890.
9.Petronella Clasina (VII.27), born Amsterdam 1893.
Marr. Martinus Eduard Boersma (VII.26), born Ouder Amstel 13-10-1887, died Amsterdam 27-01-1958, bur. 31-01-1958.
10.Antoinetta Christina Maria (VII.29), born 1898, died Amsterdam 31-08-1932.
Marr. 31-08-1932 Hendricus Johannes Theodorus van Veen (VII.28), born 1894.
VII.17Henricus Johannes Korting, born Amsterdam 09-05-1882, son of Johannes Henricus Korting and Antonia Christina Moes (VI.32).
Marr. Amsterdam 20-07-1905 Everarda Alida van der Kroon (VII.18).
From this marriage:
1.Antoinetta Christina Maria (VIII.14), born 1908, died Amsterdam 19-08-1995.
Marr. Pieter Nieuwenburg (VIII.13).
2.Gerarda Johanna (VIII.15), born 1911.
3.Johanna Gerarda Maria (VIII.16), born Amsterdam 1912.
4.Gerardus Johannes Maria (VIII.17), born 1913.
5.Petronella Clazina Alphonsa (VIII.19), born Amsterdam 1916, died there 19-11-1918.
6.Petrus Martinus Alphonsus (VIII.20), born Amsterdam 1920.
7.Maria Agnes Gerarda (VIII.21), born Amsterdam 1923.
VIII.17Gerardus Johannes Maria Korting, born 1913, son of Henricus Johannes Korting and Everarda Alida van der Kroon (VII.18).
2 children
VII.21Johannes Henricus Korting, Timmerman, born Amsterdam 10-07-1886, died there 22-05-1909, son of Johannes Henricus Korting and Antonia Christina Moes (VI.32).
Marr. Amsterdam 04-09-1907 Gezina Majolee (VII.22), born Leeuwarden 15-03-1879.
From this marriage:
1.Antoinetta Christina Maria (VIII.22), born Amsterdam 21-03-1908, died there 31-08-1908.
VII.25Leonardus Johannes Korting, born Amsterdam 30-12-1890, son of Johannes Henricus Korting and Antonia Christina Moes (VI.32).
1 Child
V.22Franciscus Henricus Korting, Hoedenmaker, born Amsterdam 10-06-1838, died there 05-05-1908, son of Joann Korting and Maria Wilhelmina van Loenen (IV.14), Dienstbode.
Banns Amsterdam 23-10-1862, marr. there 06-11-1862 Antoinetta Sophia Joanna Peters (V.23), born Zutphen 25-04-1837, died Amsterdam 27-01-1912.
From this marriage:
1.Franciscus Johannes Renierus Victor (VI.38), Beambte Ned. Bank, born Amsterdam 03-01-1864, died there 03-12-1939, bur. Amsterdam nwe oosterbegrpl 07-12-1939.
2.Aloysius Josephus Hendricus (VI.39), born Amsterdam 02-04-1867, died den Haag 02-10-1928, bur. Nieuw Eik en Duinen 05-10-1928.
Marr. Amsterdam 09-01-1895 Susanna Maria Elisabeth van Tol (VI.40).
3.Henricus Reinier (VI.41), born Amsterdam 13-07-1868, died there 18-09-1929.
4.Antonius Johannes Michel (VI.42), born Amsterdam 07-05-1872.
5.Maria Anna Francisca (Marie) (VI.44), born Amsterdam 14-05-1874, died there 18-04-1945. Buried Buitenveldert 24-04-1945
6.Johannes Franciscus Wilhelmus (VI.45), born Amsterdam 14-10-1876.
VI.42Antonius Johannes Michel Korting, slager, born Amsterdam 07-05-1872, died there 25-09-1929, son of Franciscus Henricus Korting and Antoinetta Sophia Joanna Peters (V.23).
Marr. Amsterdam 25-04-1900 Berndina Aleida Wilhelmina Gerritsen (VI.43).
From this marriage:
1.Maria Antoinetta Josephina (VII.31), born 1900, died Domburg 19-12-1981, crem. Middelburg nieuwlandsewg 24-12-1981.
Marr. Amsterdam 22-04-1930 Marinus Karel Adrianus van de Weghe (VII.30), born 1904.
2.Susanna Frederika Bernardina (VII.32), born 1904.
3.Berndina Frederika Johanna (VII.33), born 1906.
4.Antonia Francisca Johanna (VII.34), born 1911.
VI.45Johannes Franciscus Wilhelmus Korting, Kantoorbediende, born Amsterdam 14-10-1876, died Santpoort 06-03-1919, son of Franciscus Henricus Korting and Antoinetta Sophia Joanna Peters (V.23).
Marr. Amsterdam 02-06-1902 Margaretha Johanna Bollemeyer (VI.46), born Amsterdam 18-09-1878, died there 16-01-1945, bur. Amsterdam zorgvlied 24-01-1945.
From this marriage:
1.Margaretha Johanna (VII.35), born Amsterdam 17-07-1905, died there 24-11-1911, bur. 27-11-1911.
2.Johannes Franciscus Wilhelmus Jr (VII.36), born Amsterdam 02-11-1906.
3.Frans Hendrik (VII.38), born Amsterdam 08-10-1909.
4.Anna Margaretha Antonette (An) (VII.41), born Amsterdam 26-06-1913.
Marr. Velp Rheden 23-04-1947 Henk van Hinte (VII.40), born Arnhem 20-02-1914, died there 13-02-1975, bur. there 15-02-1975.
VII.36Johannes Franciscus Wilhelmus Jr Korting, born Amsterdam 02-11-1906, died Assen 04-01-1991, son of Johannes Franciscus Wilhelmus Korting and Margaretha Johanna Bollemeyer (VI.46).
Marr. Amsterdam 21-04-1935 Ariane (Sjaan) de Klerk (VII.37), born Amsterdam 28-11-1913, died Assen 15-08-1993.
From this marriage: 4 children
VII.38Frans Hendrik Korting, Hotel Manager, born Amsterdam 08-10-1909, died Bentveld 30-10-1986, son of Johannes Franciscus Wilhelmus Korting and Margaretha Johanna Bollemeyer (VI.46).
Marr. Santpoort 11-02-1937 Alberta Wilhelmina Elisabeth (Bertie) Hofsté (VII.39), born Amsterdam 15-04-1911, died Bentveld 29-12-1993.
From this marriage: 2 children

Josephus Vincentius Korting, Smid, born Amsterdam 03‑03‑1840 (tt.Henricus Bergmans, Hendrik van Straaten), died there 23‑03‑1920, son of Joann Korting and Maria Wilhelmina van Loenen (IV.14), Dienstbode. Marr. Amsterdam 28‑05‑1863 Adriana Maria Johanna Vogelzang (V.25), born Delft 05‑01‑1844, died Amsterdam 19-07-1917 bur St.Barbara 21-07-1917, dr of Cornelis Marinus Vogelsang and Helena Sibilla Antonia Pouwels.

From this marriage:
1.Johannes Cornelis Franciscus (VI.47), born Amsterdam 13-03-1864.
2.Helena Josephina (VI.49), born Amsterdam 02-01-1866, died there 02-03-1940, bur. St Barbara 06-03-1940.
3.Anna Clasina Maria (VI.51), born Amsterdam 13-09-1867, died Den Haag 23-03-1949, bur. St Barbara Amsterdam 26-03-1949.
Marr. Amsterdam 29-09-1892 Antonius Henricus Johannes Wolking (VI.50), born 1863.
4.Josephus Adrianus (VI.52), born Amsterdam 31-03-1873.
5.Adriana Cornelia Hendrika (VI.54), born Amsterdam 27-12-1878 (tt. Henricus Johannes Korting, Hendrik Gerardus Scholtzs).
6.Julius Johan Cornelis (VI.55), born Amsterdam 15-11-1884.
7.Adriana Anna Maria (VI.57), born Amsterdam 08-12-1887, Died Amsterdam 01-09-1888
VI.47Johannes Cornelis Franciscus Korting, born 1864, died Amsterdam 17-02-1931, bur. Zorgvlied Amsteldijk 20-02-1931, son of Josephus Vincentius Korting and Adriana Maria Johanna Vogelzang (V.25).
Church marr. Nieuweramstel 17-12-1891 Johanna Geertruida Wolking (VI.48), born Amsterdam 17-03-1867, died Zandvoort 17-06-1931, bur. Zorgvlied Amsteldijk 22-06-1931.
From this marriage:
1.Johannes Josephus Vincentius (VII.42), born Amsterdam 08-09-1892.
2.Geertruida Euphemia Johanna (VII.44), born Amsterdam 06-07-1894.
3.Helena Adolphina (VII.45), born Amsterdam 31-08-1895.
VII.42Johannes Josephus Vincentius Korting, born Amsterdam 08-09-1892 (tt. Carel Ibeliuys, Cornelis Anton Veenendaal), died there 02-02-1978, son of Johannes Cornelis Franciscus Korting and Johanna Geertruida Wolking (VI.48).
Banns Amsterdam -Sloten 03-06-1919, marr. Amsterdam 19-06-1919 Johanna Catharina Ree (VII.43), born Amsterdam 28-01-1899, died Bloemendaal Overveen 22-10-1988.
From this marriage: 2 children
VI.52Josephus Adrianus Korting, born Amsterdam 31-03-1873, son of Josephus Vincentius Korting and Adriana Maria Johanna Vogelzang (V.25).
Marr. Amsterdam 22-07-1903 Dorothea Wilhelmina Maria Geurds (VI.53).
From this marriage:
1.Wilhelmina Josephina Adriana (VII.47), born Amsterdam 1904.
Marr. Jacobus Cornelis Tromp (VII.46), born 1903, died 1945, bur. 04-12-1945.
2.Josephus Leonardus Maria (VII.48), born Amsterdam 1911, died there 21-06-1911.
3.Josephina Wilhelmina (VII.50), born Amsterdam 1923.
Marr. Foeke Jelle Kamstra (VII.49).
4.Leonardus Josephus (VII.51), born Amsterdam 1926.

Julius Johan Cornelis Korting, born Amsterdam 15‑11‑1884, died there 12‑01‑1957, bur. Buitenveldert 16‑01‑1957, son of Josephus Vincentius Korting and Adriana Maria Johanna Vogelzang (V.25). Marr. Watergraafsmeer 03-04-1913  Clasina Hendrika Blom (VI.56), born Amsterdam 18‑07‑1890. Died there 29-12-1975 bur. Buitenveldert 31-12-1975, dr of Hendrik Nicolaas Blom and Maria Johanna Luf

From this marriage:

Adrianus Josephus Leo, (VII 52) born Amsterdam 27-05-1915,died Amstelveen 12-05-1975, son of Julius Johan Cornelis Korting and Clasina Hendrika Blom, marr. Amsterdam 21-05-1941 Margaretha Nanninga, born 16-10-1919 dr of Willem Frederik Nanninga and Margaretha Buys. From this marriage: 3 children.


Juliana Hendrika (VII.55), born Amsterdam 23-04-1917, died there 22-2-2003, bur.St.Barbara 27-2-2003,  marr.Amsterdam 26-07-1939 Johannes Jacobus Haggenburg, born Amsterdam, 10-11-1913, died there 11-01-1999, bur St.Barbara 15-01-1999, son of Johannes Jacobus Bonifacius Haggenburg and Maria Wilhelmina Lammers

3.Hendrikus (VII.56), born Amsterdam 10-01-1919.
IV.18Gerhard Christian Korting, meubelmaker, born Wesel 10-11-1821, died there 27-12-1897, son of Johann Heinrich Korting and Dorothea Krämer (III.9).
Marr. Maria Jansen (IV.19), born Emmerich 20-02-1820, died Wesel 23-02-1889.
From this marriage:
1.Georg (V.28), born Wesel 19-07-1847.
V.28Georg Korting, meubelmaker, born Wesel 19-07-1847, died Bonn 11-03-1925, son of Gerhard Christian Korting and Maria Jansen (IV.19).
Marr. Köln 25-10-1876 Helene Heidhusz (V.29), born Köln 01-11-1850, died Bonn 11-03-1935, dr. of Bernard Heidhues, Tischlermeister and Christine Peltzer.
From this marriage:
1.Heinrich (VI.58), born > 1867.
2.Maria (VI.59), born ~ 1872.
3.Anton (VI.60), born Köln 27-05-1894.
VI.60Anton Korting, gereedschapdraaier, born Köln 27-05-1894, died Amsterdam 27-05-1983, son of Georg Korting and Helene Heidhusz (V.29).
Marr. 29-10-1919 Paula Königel (VI.61), born Weizsensee 19-08-1895, died Amsterdam 17-03-1992, dr. of Leopold Königel and Valeria Elsa Vetterkind.
From this marriage: 3 children

N.B. For privacy reasons the rest of this genealogy has been omitted.