Genealogy of Bernardus Korting

K-1 Uedem   ~ 1650
Edition: 8 April 1998

This Korting branch has been traced back to the couple
Bernardus - Everharda,
living in the city of Uedem in NordRheinland - Westfalen. During their life a blaze (1685) destroyed the city-center almost completely.
The church books of this period are hardly readable and data on marriages have disappeared.
The main question is: From where migrated Bernardus to Uedem ?
It is not likely that he was born in Uedem, as by that time no further citations are found.
I.1Bernardus Korting, born ~ 1650.
Marr. Everharda van Gochters (I.2).
From this marriage:
1.Gerardus, chr. Uedem 27-12-1671 (II.1).
2.Joannes Cortings, born < 1673 (II.3).
3.Elisabetha (II.5), chr. Uedem 16-12-1673 (tt. Henricus Wirengs, Catharina Kempkes, Cathrina Smytszn).
4.Albertus (II.6), born Uedem < 1675.
5.Henrica Cortings (II.8), chr. Uedem 17-12-1676 (tt. Arnoldus van .., Gertrudis .., Margaretha Verheiden).
Marr. Georgius Arnts (II.7).
6.Helena (II.9), chr. Uedem 10-09-1679 (tt. Gerardus Bestendonck, Gerardus Wilick, Sibilla Verhoeven).
II.1Gerardus Korting, chr. Uedem 27-12-1671 (tt. Joannes Verhoeven, Joannes Becker, Gesa Albers), son of Bernardus Korting (I.1) and Everharda van Gochters (I.2).
Church marr. Uedem ~ 1700 Catharina Smitz (II.2).

From this marriage:
1.Henricus, chr. Uedem 31-07-1700 (III.1).
2.Petronella (III.4), chr. 18-11-1703 (tt. Elisabeth Hebben, Elisabeth Meusen, Albertus Korting).
3.Catharina (III.5), chr. Uedem 26-11-1704 (tt. Agatha Verfuirt, Aleydis Cortings, Joannes Bestendonck).
4.Wilhelmina (III.6), born Uedem > 1706.
5.Petronella (III.7), chr. Uedem 08-03-1707 (tt. Mechtildis .., .. Meusen, Petrus van ..).
III.1Henricus Korting, chr. Uedem 31-07-1700 (tt. Joannes Corting, Henrica Corting), son of Gerardus Korting (II.1) and Catharina Smitz (II.2).
Church marr. (1) ~ 1726 Henrica Ter Fuirt (III.2).
Church marr. (2) Uedem ~ 1728 Margaretha Renckers (III.3).

From the first marriage:
1.Theodor Cortingh, chr. Uedem 26-11-1726 (IV.1).

From the second marriage:
2.Henrica (IV.4), chr. Uedem 05-04-1729 (tt. Cornelius Kortingh, Henrica Köpp).
Marr. Masius Koppers (IV.3).
3.Catharina (IV.6), chr. Uedem 15-11-1730 (tt. Henricus ter Fürth, Joanna Renckers).
Church marr. (1) < 1752 Henrich Kampers (IV.5).
Church marr. (2) < 1759 Everhardus Küpers (IV.7).
Church marr. (3) Goch 21-04-1765 (tt. Antonius Verhoeven, Mathias Jansen) Heinrich Vissers (IV.8), Witwer.
4.Margaretha (IV.10), chr. Uedem 12-09-1732 (tt. Bernardus Cooymans, Catharina Renckers), died there 02-03-1813.
Marr. there ~ 1759 Joannes Henricus van Zutphen (IV.9).
5.Agnes Kortings (IV.12), chr. Uedem 26-10-1735 (tt. Mathias van Wetten, Elisabetha ter Fuirdth), died Keppeln S.A. 07-04-1808.
Church marr. Vynen St Martin 14-07-1771 Albert Bieman (IV.11), born ~ 1721.
6.Jean Thiery Kortingh, born Uedem (IV.13).
7.Leis, chr. Uedem 08-12-1740 (IV.16).
8.Gerardus (IV.18), chr. Uedem 10-06-1744 (tt. Joannes Bestendonck, Catharina te Fuerth).
IV.1Theodor Cortingh, chr. Uedem 26-11-1726 (tt. Theodorus Moll, Sibylla Hagemans), son of Henricus Korting (III.1) and Henrica Ter Fuirt (III.2).
Marr. Henrica Küpers (IV.2), chr. Uedem 30-10-1753 (tt. Jacobus van Lott, Catharina Korting).

From this marriage:
1.Henrica Korting (V.1), chr. Uedem 30-10-1753 (tt. Jacobus van Lott, Catharina Korting).
IV.13Jean Thiery Kortingh, chr. Uedem 09-02-1738 (tt. Albertus Kortingh, Agatha te Füirth), died there 25-08-1806, son of Henricus Korting (III.1) and Margaretha Renckers (III.3).
Marr. (1) < 1762 Anna Catharina Elbers (IV.14).
Marr. (2) Theodora Fleurkes (IV.15).

From the first marriage:
1.Anna Maria Korting (V.2), chr. Uedem 21-07-1762 (tt. Mathias Cramps, Gertrudis Spellmans).

From the second marriage:
2.Henricus Korting, chr. Uedem 18-10-1763 (V.3).
3.Peter, chr. Uedem 28-02-1766 (V.5).
4.Gerardus Korting (V.7), chr. Uedem 29-09-1768 (tt. Theodorus Corting, Elisabeth Corting).
5.Doris Korting, born Uedem (V.8).
6.Gerardus Korting, chr. Uedem 03-01-1775 (V.11).
7.Joanna Korting (V.13), chr. Uedem 03-05-1777 (tt. Hubert Huls, Gertrudis Hövens).
V.3Henricus Korting, chr. Uedem 18-10-1763 (tt. Joannes Henricus van Zutphen, Catharina Elbers), son of Jean Thiery Kortingh (IV.13) and Theodora Fleurkes (IV.15).
Church marr. Wetten 29-01-1782 Mechtildis Aenstoots (V.4).

From this marriage:
1.Jan Henrik, chr. Uedem 07-10-1782 (VI.1).
VI.1Jan Henrik Korting, chr. Uedem 07-10-1782 (tt. Elias Korting, Joanna van Zutphen), son of Henricus Korting (V.3) and Mechtildis Aenstoots (V.4).
Marr. Bergen 26-01-1807, church marr. Well 14-01-1807 Elisabetha Cox (VI.2), born Well 22-07-1784.

From this marriage:
1.Petronella (VII.1), born Well, chr. there 02-04-1807 (tt. Winandus Vrede, Hermina Willems).
2.Henricus (VII.2), born Well, chr. there 10-10-1808 (tt. Gewrardus Smitz, Barabara Cox).
3.Michel, born Well 10-10-1808 (VII.3).
4.Petrus Johannes (Peter) (VII.5), born Well 27-12-1810, chr. 28-12-1810 (tt. Joannes Hendrix, Hermina Willems), died Bergen (L) 30-11-1871.
5.Theodorus (VII.6), born 10-01-1813.
6.Barbara (VII.7), chr. Well 10-08-1815 (tt. Stephanus Josephs, Anna van Rijswijk), died there 01-01-1817.
7.Barbara (VII.8), born 27-01-1818.
VII.3Michiel Korting, timmerman, born Well 10-10-1808, son of Jan Henrik Korting (VI.1) and Elisabetha Cox (VI.2).
Marr. Aijen 06-05-1837 Bernardina Helena Coppis (VII.4), born 1799, dr. of Arnold Coppis and Elizabeth Zegers.

From this marriage:
1.Henricus Arnoldus, born Bergen (L) 09-04-1843 (VIII.1).
2.Godefridus (VIII.3), born Bergen (L) 10-04-1844.
VIII.1Henricus Arnoldus Korting, 1909 - 1922 wethouder van Bergen (L), born Bergen (L) 09-04-1843, son of Michiel Korting (VII.3) and Bernardina Helena Coppis (VII.4).
Marr. Maria Gertrudis in 't Ven (VIII.2).

From this marriage:
1.Gertrudis (IX.2), born Bergen (L) 11-04-1872, died there 05-02-1939.
Marr. Henricus Johannes Cox (IX.1).


V.5Peter Kortingh, chr. Uedem 28-02-1766 (tt. Nicolaus Lodewijk, Margaretha Korting), died Uedem S.A. 16-06-1836, son of Jean Thiery Kortingh (IV.13) and Theodora Fleurkes (IV.15).
Marr. Maria Josephs (V.6).

From this marriage:
1.Petronella Korting (VI.3), chr. Uedem 22-01-1789 (tt. Dorus Korting, Jantje in ,t ven).
2.Petronella Korting (VI.5), chr. Uedem 03-10-1791 (tt. Mathijs Verhoven), died Uedem S.A. 03-03-1867.
Church marr. Uedem 02-05-1812 Bernard Isselmann (VI.4).
3.Joanna Korting (VI.6), chr. Uedem 16-10-1795 (tt. Joannes Theodorus Korting, Catharina van Megeren).
4.Gerardus Korting (VI.7), chr. Uedem 09-12-1796.
V.8Doris Korting, Leineweber, born Uedem, chr. there 10-02-1772 (tt. Elias Korting, Joanna Fleurkes), died Xanten 15-06-1833, son of Jean Thiery Kortingh (IV.13) and Theodora Fleurkes (IV.15).
Church marr. (1) Sonsbeck 06-05-1794 Joanna Kersjes (V.9), born ~ 1714, died Sonsbeck 08-09-1794.
Church marr. (2) there 16-11-1794 (tt. Petrus Wijfels, Henrica Schadder) Gertrudis Hasselman (V.10), chr. Sonsbeck 26-09-1767, died there 03-11-1831, dr. of Johannes Hasselman and Altjen Kerstgens.

From the second marriage:
1.Joanna Catharina (VI.8), chr. Sonsbeck 07-01-1796 (tt. Joes Theod Korting, Joa Mecht Smits), died Winnekensdonk 14-09-1811.
2.Johann Heinrich (VI.9), born Sonsbeck, chr. there 19-12-1797 (tt. Adamus Schoelen, Elizabeth Ter Linden).
3.Johann, chr. Sonsbeck (VI.10).
4.Joanna (VI.13), chr. Sonsbeck 14-04-1802.
5.Theodorus (Theodoor) (VI.14), born Sonsbeck 26-05-1805.
6.Dorothea (VI.15), born Sonsbeck 25-07-1808.
VI.10Johann Korting, chr. Sonsbeck 18-12-1799 (tt. Gerard Korting, Joa Cath Hasselman), died Kapellen 09-03-1864, son of Doris Korting (V.8) and Gertrudis Hasselman (V.10).
Marr. (1) Sonsbeck civil 09-06-1830 Anna Elisabeth Jorissen (VI.11), born Xanten 1799, died Sonsbeck, dr. of Johannes Johann Jorissen and Anna Behr.
Marr. (2) Sonsbeck civil 19-09-1835, church marr. Sonsbeck 20-09-1835 Petronella Hagelstein (VI.12), born 10-11-1810, chr. Sonsbeck 17-11-1810, died Kapellen 23-06-1873, dr. of Johann Mathias Hagelstein, Tuchweber and Hendrina Lemmen.

From the first marriage:
1.Anna Katharina (VII.10), born Sonsbeck 1830.
Marr. Heinrich Overfeld (VII.9), born Sonsbeck (D) 1830, died Columbus Ohio 1880.

From the second marriage:
2.Elisabeth (VII.12), born 07-09-1836.
Marr. Gerhard Elser (VII.11), born of Essen-Borbeck.
3.Gertrud (VII.14), born 16-01-1841.
Marr. Joh. Steegmann (VII.13), born of Wetten/ Kevelaer.
4.Hendrina (VII.15), born Kapellen 03-11-1847, chr. there 05-11-1847 (tt. Henricus Korting, Catharina Fürtges).
5.Hendrina (VII.16), chr. Kapellen 02-10-1848, died there 18-01-1865.
6.Johann Theodor, born Kapellen 17-09-1850 (VII.17).
7.Mathias, born Kapellen 14-11-1853 (VII.19).
8.Joanna (VII.21), born Kapellen 12-07-1857, chr. there 13-07-1857 (tt. Henricus Hagelstein, Joanna Korting).
VII.17Johann Theodor Korting, Cobbler and miner, born Kapellen 17-09-1850, chr. there 18-09-1850 (tt. Theodorus Hagelstein, Sybille Kamps), died Corning, Ohio 14-01-1928, bur. Saginaw, Mich 19-01-1928, son of Johann Korting (VI.10) and Petronella Hagelstein (VI.12).
Marr. Kapellen 25-11-1872 Maria Catharina Klaessen (VII.18), born Kapellen 22-09-1848, died Saginaw 26-05-1910, dr. of Frank Klaessen and Katherine Genia.

From this marriage:
1.John, born Kapellen 1873 (VIII.4).
2.Franz (VIII.6), chr. Kapellen 22-03-1873 (tt. Franciscus Klaessen, Gertrudis Korting).
3.Margaretha (Mary) (VIII.8), born Kapellen 18-09-1876.
Marr. Perry Co. 12-11-1896 John Neuhaus (VIII.7).
4.Franciscus Johannes (Frank), born Kapellen 26-07-1880 (VIII.9).
5.Anna (VIII.11), born Ohio 12-1883, died there 17-08-1884.
6.Henry (VIII.12), born Ohio 12-1883, died there 15-08-1884.
7.Anna J. (Anni) (VIII.14), born 02-1885.
Marr. Perry Co. 12-07-1904 Henry Igel (VIII.13), Supt of Mt. Calvary Cemetry, died 06-08-1940.
8.Theodore jr, born Buckinghan, Ohio 08-08-1887 (VIII.15).
VIII.4John Korting, Miner, born Kapellen 1873, son of Joann Theodor Korting (VII.17) and Maria Catharina Klaessen (VII.18).
Marr. 1900 Elizabeth Rab (VIII.5), born 1879.

From this marriage:
1.Dona (IX.3), born > 1893.
2.Margaretha (Marg) (IX.4), born > 1900.
3.Mary (IX.5), born > 1900.
4.Mary Catherine (IX.6), born Congo Monroe twp Ohio 1902.
5.Frank (IX.7), born 17-08-1903.
6.John Jr (IX.8), born Corning 15-02-1908.
7.Ernest (IX.10), born 1910.
VIII.9Franciscus Johannes (Frank) Korting, Car Inspector, born Kapellen 26-07-1880, died Columbus 07-1947, bur. Mt Calvary Columbus, son of Johann Theodor Korting (VII.17) and Maria Catharina Klaessen (VII.18).
Marr. Perry Co. Ohio 07-06-1904 Lena Henseler (VIII.10), born 18-10-1881, died 08-1945, dr. of Albert Henseler and Helena Caroline Schrader.

From this marriage:
1.Josephine (IX.13), born Monroe Ohio 20-01-1907, died Columbus 03-03-1979.
Marr. St. Bernard Catholic church Corning 26-10-1927 Dave F. Weiner (IX.12), born 17-08-1906, died Columbus 25-02-1967.
2.Albert Theodore (IX.14), born Corning 02-10-1908.
Marr. Mary Rose Ryan (IX.15).
3.William Francis Sr (IX.16), Farmer, born Corning 28-07-1910.
Marr. Columbus Louise May Wildman (IX.17), born Columbus 28-11-1913, dr. of John Abner sr Wildman, farmer, carpenter and Gladys Cecile Musgrove.
4.Francis John (IX.18), born Chapel Hill, Ohio 02-06-1914, died Columbus 16-09-1985.
Marr. Corning 20-10-1941 Loretta Matilda Nash (IX.19), born Chapel Hill, Ohio 17-08-1919, died Columbus 29-05-1969.
5.Helen Mary (IX.21), born Corning 18-04-1918, died Columbus 04-05-1975.
Marr. 21-09-1942 Bernard Nash (IX.20), born Corning 25-10-1911, died Columbus U.S.Army 01-02-1978.
6.Anna Maria (Loretta) (IX.23), born Corning 09-07-1921.
Marr. there 10-02-1941 Charles Nash (IX.22), born Chapel Hill, Ohio 08-12-1913, died Columbus 23-09-1988.
VIII.15Theodore jr Korting, Coal miner, born Buckinghan, Ohio 08-08-1887, died Saginaw 02-09-1967, bur. St. Andrew Cemetery, Saginaw son of Johann Theodor Korting (VII.17) and Maria Catharina Klaessen (VII.18).
Marr. Corning 28-11-1907 Elizabeth Anna (Lizzie) Kocks (VIII.16), born Buer Westf 24-03-1888, died Saginaw 20-11-1970, bur. St. Andrew Cemetery, Saginaw.

From this marriage:
1.Marie Kathryn (IX.25), born 19-06-1908.
Marr. Saginaw 25-05-1929 Albert Henry Blitley (IX.24), born Saginaw 31-08-1906, died Port Richey, Florida 27-03-1977, son of Ora Blitley and Ida May Hall.
2.Henry Theodore (IX.26), born 02-03-1910.
3.Theodore William (Ted) (IX.27), born 02-03-1910, died New Port Richey, Florida 15-08-1978, bur. St. Andrew Cemetery, Saginaw.
Marr. (1) Saginaw 23-05-1931 Theresa Theodetta Petoskey (IX.28), born Saginaw 19-02-1914, died there 03-08-1963, bur. St. Andrew Cemetery, Saginaw.
Marr. (2) Saginaw 09-07-1966 Ethel May Fisher McKenna (IX.29), born Saginaw 05-11-1916, chr. Roselawn Memorial Gardens, Saginaw. Died there 08-07-1971.
Marr. (3) there 24-05-1972 Ve Ann Sayles (IX.30), born Saginaw 23-11-1943.


VII.19Mathias Korting, born Kapellen 14-11-1853, chr. there 16-11-1853 (tt. Theodorus Grenz, Petronella Samme), died Kapellen 10-06-1949, son of Johann Korting (VI.10) and Petronella Hagelstein (VI.12).
Marr. Kapellen 18-04-1882 Agnes Loeven (VII.20), born 07-09-1848, died 25-11-1923.

From this marriage:
1.Maria Vita (VIII.17), Religieuse, born > 1882, died Helmond (NL) 1942.
2.Mechtilde (VIII.18), Religieuse in Belg. Congo Afr, born > 1882.
3.Petronella (VIII.20), born > 1882.
Church marr. Winnekendonk / Kevelaer Johann Brauer (VIII.19).
4.Johann, born 25-02-1894 (VIII.21).
VIII.21Johann Korting, born 25-02-1894, died Kapellen 04-03-1945, son of Mathias Korting (VII.19) and Agnes Loeven (VII.20).
Marr. 18-08-1926 Elisabeth van den Hövel (VIII.22), born 27-03-1898, died Kapellen 01-07-1991.

From this marriage:
1.Johann Mathias (Hans) (IX.31), born Kapellen 19-11-1927.
Marr. there 29-09-1959 Elisabet Kreutz (IX.32), born Kapellen 22-02-1934.


V.11Gerardus Korting, chr. Uedem 03-01-1775 (tt. Marten van Zutphen, Phei Verhoven), son of Jean Thiery Kortingh (IV.13) and Theodora Fleurkes (IV.15).
Marr. Uedem S.A. 18-04-1801 Johanna Hartings (V.12), born 1763.

From this marriage:
1.Joannes, chr. Uedem 1803 (VI.16).
VI.16Joannes Korting, chr. Uedem 1803, son of Gerardus Korting (V.11) and Johanna Hartings (V.12).
Banns Vynen St Martin 28-04-1828, marr. Uedem S.A. 03-05-1828, church marr. Uedem 03-05-1828 (tt. Wilhelmus Korting, Bernardus Bassmanns) Anne Catharine Hövelmann (VI.17), chr. Vynen 09-01-1802, dr. of Petrus Hövelmann and Wilhelmina Kuiper.

From this marriage:
1.Johanna (VII.22), chr. Vynen St Martin 08-04-1829.
2.Christina (VII.23), chr. Vynen St Martin 10-11-1831.
3.Gerhard, chr. 01-06-1834 (VII.24).
VII.24Gerhard Korting, chr. Vynen St Martin 01-06-1834, son of Joannes Korting (VI.16) and Anne Catharine Hövelmann (VI.17).
Marr. Anna Sibilla Ehmans (VII.25).

From this marriage:
1.Allegunde (VIII.23), born Alpen 23-03-1860.
2.Elisabeth (VIII.24), born Alpen 26-11-1862.
3.Johann, born Alpen 16-05-1865 (VIII.25).
4.Helena (VIII.26), born Alpen 13-05-1868.
5.Anton (VIII.27), born Alpen 19-05-1871.
6.Bernard (VIII.28), born Alpen 10-06-1874.
VIII.25Johann Korting, born Alpen 16-05-1865, son of Gerhard Korting (VII.24) and Anna Sibilla Ehmans (VII.25).
1.Gerard (IX.33), born 1898.


IV.16Leis Korting, Linnenwever, chr. Uedem 08-12-1740 (tt. Wilhelmus Maes, Joanna Korting), died Uedem S.A. 02-03-1811, son of Henricus Korting (III.1) and Margaretha Renckers (III.3).
Marr. Gertrud Hovens (IV.17), born ~ 1746, died Uedem S.A. 06-11-1791.

From this marriage:
1.Anna Mechtildis (V.14), chr. Uedem 25-07-1774 (tt. Jan Elbers, Margriet van Zutphen).
2.Henri Guillaume (V.15), chr. Uedem 28-08-1777 (tt. Joannes Theodorus Korting, Peternel van Spaan), died Uedem S.A. 03-11-1817.
Marr. there 23-04-1808 Gertrude Daemen (V.16).
3.Anna Catharina (V.17), chr. Uedem 29-04-1781 (tt. Jacobus .., Jantjen Koppers), died there 24-06-1781.
4.Gerardus (V.18), chr. Uedem 02-02-1783 (tt. Jan Henrik van Zutphen, Hendrina Korting).
5.Margaretha (V.19), chr. Uedem 16-09-1784 (tt. Albert Bosman, Joanna van Moll), died Uedem S.A. 02-03-1813.


II.3Joannes Cortings, born < 1673, son of Bernardus Korting (I.1) and Everharda van Gochters (I.2).
Marr. Elisabetha Hebben (II.4).

From this marriage:
1.Aleidis Kortinghs (III.9), born < 1696.
Church marr. (1) < 1715 Jacob Kusters (III.8).
Marr. (2) Henricus (Henrich) Maes (III.10).
2.Cornelius Korting (III.11), chr. Uedem 28-10-1697 (tt. Wilhelmus van Kempen, Gerardus Korting, Berta van Kempen).
3.Cornelius Cortingh, chr. Uedem 22-01-1699 (III.12).
4.Margaretha Korting (III.16), born Uedem 05-07-1701, chr. there 11-07-1701 (tt. Gerard van Kempen. Maria ..., Theodora Elberts).
Church marr. < 1726 Theodorus Baumans (III.15), born ~ 1696.
5.Goswina Korting (III.17), chr. Uedem 20-03-1704 (tt. Joanna van Kempen, Getrud Eskes, Albert Cortings).
6.Henricus Cortingh (III.18), chr. Uedem 04-07-1706.
7.Joannes Bernard Korting, chr. Uedem 27-10-1708 (III.19).
8.Elisabetha Korting (III.21), chr. Uedem 30-09-1712 (tt. Catharina van de .., Agnes Meuse).
III.12Cornelius Cortingh, chr. Uedem 22-01-1699 (tt. Victor Riddermans, Petrus Sweyen, Maria Benn), son of Joannes Cortings (II.3) and Elisabetha Hebben (II.4).
Marr. (1) ca 1722 Mechtildis Thomassen (III.13).
Marr. (2) ca 1731 Maria Spuyen (III.14), born < 1712, died Uedem 15-04-1779, dr. of Andreas Spuyen and Gertruid Riddermans.

From the first marriage:
1.Geertrui Korting (IV.20), chr. Uedem 10-12-1723 (tt. Derick Elbers Maria Baumans).
Church marr. Kevelaer 29-07-1744 (tt. Hermanus Cleve, Carolus de Bats) Nicolaus Lodewiks (IV.19), born Kevelaer 21-03-1725.
2.Joanna Korting (Cortingh) (IV.22), born ~ 1727, died Uedem 25-02-1771.
Church marr. there 1745 Elbertus Rouwenhoff (IV.21).
3.Philippus Antonius Korting (IV.23), chr. Uedem 05-01-1729 (tt. Joannes Bernardus Corting, Anna Bauman).
4.Anna Elisabeth Korting (IV.24), chr. Uedem 23-02-1730 (tt. Joannes Bernardus Korting, Anna Bauman).
5.Theodora Korting (IV.26), born < 1742.
Church marr. (1) < 1746 Wilhelmus Builtiens (IV.25).
Marr. (2) Joannes Matenaar (IV.27).
Marr. (3) Everhardus Scholten (IV.28).
From the second marriage:
6.Anna Mechtildis Korting (IV.29), chr. Uedem 05-05-1732 (tt. Georgius Spuyen Anna Mechtildis Elbers).
7.Elisabetha Korting (IV.31), chr. Uedem 10-01-1734 (tt. Gerardus Riddermans Anna Bauman).
Church marr. (1) < 1791 Gerardus Winckels (IV.30), born 1721.
Church marr. (2) Sonsbeck 13-11-1792 Gerardus Scholten (IV.32).
8.Joannes Franciscus (I) Korting, chr. Uedem 05-10-1735 (IV.33).
9.Joanna Gertrudis Korting (IV.35), chr. Uedem 15-03-1738 (tt. Theodorus Bauman vic Gesina Bauman).
10.Derk Korting, chr. Uedem 01-12-1739 (IV.36).
11.Henrich Korting, chr. Uedem 20-02-1743 (IV.38).
12.Joanna Gertrudis Korting (IV.40), chr. Uedem 22-08-1746 (tt. Albertus Rühenhoff, Gesina Bauman).
13.Joannes Jacobus Korting (IV.41), chr. Uedem 20-06-1749 (tt. Theodorus Rühenhoff, Gertrudis Riddermans).
IV.33Joannes Franciscus (I) Korting, Kleermaker, chr. Uedem 05-10-1735 (tt. R.D. Albertus Elbers Sa..llang, Elisabeth Kortingh), son of Cornelius Cortingh (III.12) and Maria Spuyen (III.14).
Marr. Wilhelmina Hennekes (IV.34), chr. 1731.

From this marriage:
1.Maria (V.20), chr. Uedem 18-11-1755 (tt. Elisabeth Korting, Theodorus Jacobs).
2.Anna Gertrudis (V.22), chr. Uedem 24-08-1757.
Marr. Everardus in het Ven (V.21).
3.Cornelius (V.23), chr. Uedem 17-10-1759 (tt. Bernardus Coopmans, Joanna Korting).
4.Cornelius, chr. Goch Rheinl 01-01-1761 (V.24).
5.Anna Maria (V.26), chr. Uedem 10-04-1764 (tt. Gerardus Wolff, Joanna Gertrudis Korting).
6.Katharina (V.27), chr. Uedem 20-08-1765 (tt. Joanna Hendriks, Elisabeth Steens).
7.Theodorus (V.28), chr. Uedem 14-09-1766 (tt. Joannes Builtiens, Petronella Looks).
8.Catharina Mechtildis (V.30), chr. Uedem 01-09-1767 (tt. Everdine Wilbers, Maria Spuyen), died there 31-10-1823.
Church marr. (1) there 09-10-1791 Gerardus Voss (V.29).
Marr. (2) Derck Kettler (V.31), Herbergier / sergeant, born 1761.
9.Theodorus (V.32), chr. Uedem 21-11-1769 (tt. Nicolaus Lodewiks, Aeltje Builtiens).
10.Joannes (V.33), chr. Uedem 12-08-1771 (tt. Cornelius Gerlach, Theodorus Noll).
11.Joanna Mechtildis (V.34), chr. Uedem 28-03-1774 (tt. Joannes Rauwenhof, Agnes Lammers).
V.24Cornelius Korting, chr. Goch Rheinl 01-01-1761 (tt. Henricus Korting, Gertrudis Hulstkamp), died Asperden 22-04-1825, bur. Hassum, son of Joannes Franciscus (I) Korting (IV.33) and Wilhelmina Hennekes (IV.34).
Church marr. Asperden Rheinl 20-06-1784 (tt. ... Korting et Antonio Francken) Maria Hendricks (V.25), born ~ 1753, died Asperden 22-06-1813.

From this marriage:
1.Joanna (Johanna) (Corting) (VI.19), chr. Asperden Rheinl 30-03-1785 (tt. Wilhelm Gruiters, Sibilla Dammers), died Asperden 07-10-1850.
Church marr. (1) there 28-04-1805 Gerhard Hermsen (VI.18), born ~ 1773, died Asperden 26-03-1820.
Marr. (2) Heinrich van de Staay (VI.20), born ~ 1779, died Asperden 19-11-1834.
2.Hendrina Kortinghs (VI.21), chr. Asperden 21-01-1787, died Asperden 28-04-1788.
3.Joannes Henricus (VI.22), chr. Asperden 13-02-1789 (tt. Petrus Janzen cujus loco Anthonius Francken, Agnes Hendricks), died there 30-03-1790.
4.Joannes Henricus (VI.23), chr. Asperden 08-08-1791 (tt. Joannes Jansen, Willemina Aelders), died there 21-10-1805.


IV.36Derk Korting, chr. Uedem 01-12-1739 (tt. Theodorus Baumans, Anna Baumans), son of Cornelius Cortingh (III.12) and Maria Spuyen (III.14).
Marr. Mechtildis Hübers (IV.37).

From this marriage:
1.Joannes (V.35), chr. Uedem 05-03-1770.
2.Christina (V.37), born Uedem 10-1776 (tt. Hendrik ..., Pieternel Kortings).
Marr. Nicolaus Giesen (V.36).
IV.38Henrich Korting, Dagloner, chr. Uedem 20-02-1743 (tt. Joannes Riddermans Johanna Schoeffs), died Goch 25-06-1808, bur. Hassum 27-06-1808, son of Cornelius Cortingh (III.12) and Maria Spuyen (III.14).
Marr. Hassum 04-04-1763, church marr. there 24-04-1763 Agnes Cammans (IV.39), died Weeze 21-02-1824, bur. Hassum 12-03-1801.

From this marriage:
1.Joanna (V.38), chr. Hassum 20-01-1764 (tt. Gerardus Cammans, Elisabeth Kortings), died there 12-03-1764.
2.Cornelius, chr. Hassum 24-06-1765 (V.39).
3.Joanna (V.44), chr. Hassum 19-09-1767 (tt. Joannes Kortingh, Agnes Hendriks).
Marr. Griethausen 23-05-1790, church marr. Hassum 13-06-1790 Johannes Henricus Becker (V.43).
4.Theodorus (L) (V.45), chr. Hassum 06-08-1770 (tt. Henricus van de Loo, Joanna Gertrudis Korting), bur. there 06-11-1770.
5.Anna Mechtildis (V.46), chr. Hassum 07-10-1771 (tt. Petrus van de Loo, Agnes Hendriks), bur. Hassum 20-10-1782.
6.Petronella Cortings (V.48), chr. Hassum 02-12-1774 (tt. Theodorus Hendriks, Maria Willemsen).
Church marr. Weeze St Cyriakus 24-11-1793 (tt. Theodorus Cortings, Erritcams Gerardus Helsum) Christianus Aengeneindt (V.47).
7.Theodorus, chr. Hassum 08-03-1777 (V.49).
8.Joannes (V.53), born Hassum 01-06-1782, chr. there 02-06-1782 (tt. Henricus Hendriks, Helena v d Velde), died there 27-08-1782, bur. there 30-08-1782.
9.Anna Maria (V.54), born Hassum 02-08-1783, chr. there 02-08-1783 (tt. Petrus Naegels, Anna Maria Hendricks).
10.(L) (V.55), chr. Hassum 25-12-1784 (tt. Gedoopt door verloskundige), bur. there 27-12-1784.
V.39Cornelius Korting, Bezembinder, Poorter van Rotterdam 291/386, chr. Hassum 24-06-1765 (tt. Gerardus Ludowicks, Petronella Hendriks), died Brauweiler 31-03-1836, son of Henrich Korting (IV.38) and Agnes Cammans (IV.39).
Banns (1) Rotterdam 26-04-1793, marr. there 12-05-1793, church marr. there 12-05-1793 Maria van Gemert (V.40), chr. Rotterdam 10-10-1759, died there 30-09-1805, dr. of Rogier van Gemert and Catharina Dekkers.
Banns (2) Rotterdam 02-11-1805, marr. there 17-11-1805 Maria Maas (V.41), born Rotterdam, died there 29-01-1808.
Church marr. (3) Goch 26-10-1815 Anna Maria Verheyen (V.42), chr. Kevelaer 02-09-1791, died Neuss 14-11-1848, dr. of Christian Verheyen and Petronella Gruintjes.

From the first marriage:
1.(L) (VI.24), born Rotterdam 14-05-1794, bur. there 16-05-1794.
2.Joanna Maria (VI.26), chr. Rotterdam 13-08-1795 (tt. Hendrik Korting, Agnes Cammans).
Marr. Goch 24-09-1815 (tt. Everhard Jacobs, Gerhard Lamers, Johann Lamers) Gerhard Henning (VI.25).
3.Rogerius (VI.27), born Rotterdam 29-09-1798 (tt. Theodor Korting, Elisabeth Hubers), died there 30-01-1799, bur. there 01-02-1799.
From the second marriage:
4.Wilhelmina Maria (VI.28), born Rotterdam 24-02-1807 (tt. Johannes Lenulfen, Adriana Driessen), died there 29-01-1808.
From the third marriage:
5.Heinrich, chr. Goch 09-08-1816 (VI.29).
6.Hermanus Joannes (VI.32), chr. Utrecht 10-07-1822, died Neuss 30-04-1842.
7.Peter Cornelius, chr. Utrecht 10-07-1822 (VI.33).
8.Gerhard Cornelius, chr. Goch 02-04-1826 (VI.35).
VI.29Heinrich Korting, Dagloner, chr. Goch 09-08-1816 (tt. Joseph Jacob Misbach, Johann Theodor Joseph Engelbert), died Neuss 04-01-1874, son of Cornelius Korting (V.39) and Anna Maria Verheyen (V.42).
Church marr. (1) Neuss 29-09-1841 Maria Sibilla Ruhren (VI.30), born Neuss 01-02-1816, died there 12-08-1842, dr. of Anton Ruhren and Elisabeth Breuer.
Church marr. (2) Neuss 18-11-1842 Anna Catharina Pastors (VI.31), born Süchtelen 09-05-1811, died Neuss 21-02-1888, dr. of Peter Pastors and Sophia Schiefers.

From the first marriage:
1.Anna Francisca Casaria (VII.26), chr. Neuss 08-08-1842 (tt. Johann Peter Jacob Dey, Heinrich Kamper), died Neuss 22-08-1842.
From the second marriage:
2.Maria Catharina (VII.28), chr. Neuss 19-02-1843 (tt. Joseph Cremer, Martin Wirtz).
Marr. there 08-01-1876 August Noll (VII.27), Schoenmaker, born Köln 20-12-1836.
3.Peter Heinrich, chr. Neuss 19-02-1843 (VII.29).
4.Petrus Cornelius, born Neuss 07-11-1846 (VII.31).
5.Heinrich Stephan Hubert, chr. Neuss 24-12-1852 (VII.33).
VII.29Peter Heinrich Korting, Zijdewever, chr. Neuss 19-02-1843 (tt. Joseph Cremer, Martin Wirtz), died Krefeld 27-10-1896, son of Heinrich Korting (VI.29) and Anna Catharina Pastors (VI.31).
Marr. Viersen 11-02-1870 (tt. Anton Berger, Seidenweber 45j, Joseph Steinwegs, Weber 26j, JohannEich Wirth, 55j, Heinrich Meyes Weber 42j) Gertrud von Gehlen (VII.30), born Krefeld 22-03-1849, chr. there 22-03-1849, died there 11-08-1926, dr. of Johann Gerhard von Gehlen, Dachdecker and Agnes Lüdgens.

From this marriage:
1.Gertrud (VIII.29), born Viersen 17-02-1870, died Neuss 22-07-1870.
2.Anna Gertrud (VIII.30), born Viersen 11-04-1872, died Krefeld 02-03-1917.
3.Peter Cornelius (VIII.31), born Neuwerk (M.Gladbach) 20-08-1876.
4.Peter Joseph (VIII.32), Grafdelver, born Viersen 29-01-1879, died Venlo 03-11-1921.
Marr. (1) 31-05-1905 Gertrud Zumbruch (VIII.33), died 10-03-1911.
Marr. (2) 25-04-1921 Helene Greverath (VIII.34).
5.Anna Maria (VIII.35), born Krefeld 26-06-1881.
6.Hermann Joseph (VIII.36), born Krefeld 22-07-1883.
7.Maria Magdalena (VIII.38), born Krefeld 24-11-1886, died there 14-04-1953.
Marr. there 02-06-1911 (tt. Jacob Kolbe, Karl Pastern) Peter Bollig (VIII.37), Metselaar, died Krefeld 17-10-1952.
8.Peter Heinrich born Fischeln 04-02-1888 (VIII.39).
9.Mathilde (VIII.43), born Krefeld 23-02-1892.
Marr. Peter Ricks (VIII.42).
VIII.39Peter Heinrich Korting, Metselaar, born Fischeln 04-02-1888, died Krefeld 26-05-1956, son of Peter Heinrich Korting (VII.29) and Gertrud von Gehlen (VII.30).
Church marr. (1) > 1905 Maria Christina Raasing (VIII.40).
Marr. (2) Krefeld 21-02-1948, Josephine Greifzu - Tempel (VIII.41), born Oppum 01-07-1910.

From the first marriage:
1.Erich (IX.34), Handlungsgehilfe, born Krefeld 08-02-1905, died Nottuln 05-11-1991.
Marr. Margarethe Köhler (IX.35), born St Tönis 27-01-1909.
2.Bruno (IX.36), born Krefeld 08-02-1905.
3.Elfriede (IX.37), born > 1906.


VII.31Peter Cornelius Korting, chr. Neuss 07-11-1846 (tt. Franz Johann Nix, Johann Michael Gather), died Düsseldorf 15-11-1922, son of Heinrich Korting (VI.29) and Anna Catharina Pastors (VI.31).
Marr. Neuss 24-06-1870 Maria Caecilia Heinrichs (VII.32), born Werhofen (D) 02-07-1848, died Düsseldorf 01-01-1922.

From this marriage:
1.Catharina Henrietta (VIII.44), born Neuss 30-01-1871, died there 26-09-1871.
2.Heinrich Stephan Hubert, born Neuss 14-12-1872 (VIII.45).
3.Margaretha Josephina (VIII.47), born Wickrath 26-01-1874.
4.Maria Catharina (VIII.48), born Wickrath 23-11-1875.
5.August, born Wickrath 13-02-1877 (VIII.49).
6.Joseph, born Wickrath 19-09-1878 (VIII.51).
7.Friedrich Wilhelm Corting (VIII.53), born Wickrath 04-02-1880.
8.Peter Wilhelm Cornelius Corting (VIII.54), born Wickrath 16-08-1881, died there 10-11-1885.
9.Karl Hubert (VIII.55), born Wickrath 11-12-1882, died Hamburg-Neugraben 12-12-1957.
10.Maria Elisabeth (VIII.57), born Wickrath 25-01-1886, died Essen I 29-03-1959.
11.Peter Johann (VIII.60), born Mülheim ad Ruhr 27-08-1887, died Düsseldorf-Oberkassel 27-03-1957.
12.Maria Antonie (VIII.61), born Mülheim ad Ruhr 17-12-1889, died Düsseldorf-Oberkassel 24-11-1952.
13.Gertraud (VIII.62), born Mülheim ad Ruhr 17-09-1892.
VIII.45Heinrich Stephan Hubert Korting, born Neuss 14-12-1872, died Mülheim /Ruhr 20-03-1956, son of Peter Cornelius Korting (VII.31) and Maria Caecilia Heinrichs (VII.32).
Marr. Wermelskirchen 18-12-1897 Martha Schröder (VIII.46), born Wermelskirchen 24-04-1878.

From this marriage:
1.Walter (IX.38), Hilfschlosser, born Düsseldorf/Oberkassel 22-03-1902, died Biberach ad Risz 02-06-1977.
Marr. (1) Mülheim a Ruhr 11-01-1933 Margaretha Bühls (IX.39), died Mülheim a Ruhr 02-09-1949.
Marr. (2) there 09-04-1953 Franziska Schaller (IX.40), born Zwickau 12-09-1908, died Mülheim a Ruhr 06-04-1963.
Marr. (3) there 03-09-1964, Adelheid Henriette Hövelmann (IX.41), born Gelsenkirchen.
2.Richard (IX.42), born Düsseldorf/Oberkassel 01-10-1904, died Mülheim a Ruhr 06-06-1969.
Marr. there 27-04-1939 Anna Rosbach (IX.43), born Mülheim a Ruhr.
3.Heinrich Johann (IX.44), born Heerdt 27-05-1907, died Mülheim a Ruhr 26-04-1983.
Marr. (1) there 21-05-1982 Johanna Maria Schlemmer (IX.45), born Mülheim a Ruhr 02-10-1914.
Marr. (2) Klara Rübenkamp (IX.46), born 12-12-1912.
4.Gustav Adolf (IX.47), Bakker, born Mülheim a Ruhr 15-07-1909, died there 24-02-1975.
Marr. there 15-07-1939 Hildegard Rosa Singerl (IX.48), born Essen 12-11-1914, died Mülheim a Ruhr 07-12-1975.
5.Martha (IX.50), born Mülheim a Ruhr 13-12-1910, died there 30-04-1996, bur. there 03-05-1996.
Marr. there 11-08-1933 Gerhard Paul Ernst (IX.49), Deutsche Bundesbahn, born Mülheim a Ruhr 08-08-1907, died there 09-02-1970.
VIII.49August Korting, born Wickrath 13-02-1877, died Sinn 26-03-1956, son of Peter Cornelius Korting (VII.31) and Maria Caecilia Heinrichs (VII.32).
Marr. Wahlrod 11-08-1898 Pauline Salziger (VIII.50), born Wahlrod 30-05-1874, died Sinn 08-02-1945.

From this marriage:
1.Karl (IX.51), Werkmeester, born Wahlrod 11-04-1898, died Giessen 03-06-1936.
Marr. Emmerich 05-1923 Klara van Heuven (IX.52), born Emmerich 06-06-1902, died Allendorf / Lumda 24-07-1982.
2.Wilhelmine (IX.54), born Stockum 21-10-1901, died Emmerich 28-09-1944.
Marr. there 17-08-1923 Albertus Hendrikus Belder (IX.53), Schlosser, born Arnhem 24-12-1894, died Deventer 30-07-1977.
3.Maria-Luise (IX.56), born Duisburg - Beek 20-01-1903, died Sinn 21-11-1977.
Marr. Johann Geurtsen (IX.55), Magazijnbediende, born Emmerich 12-11-1901, died Sinn 31-03-1972.
4.Elisabeth (IX.58), born 08-02-1904, died 02-05-1980.
Marr. Philipp Bauer (IX.57), Anstreicher, born 21-12-1904, died 05-03-1965.
5.August (IX.59), born 29-06-1906, died Emmerich 11-09-1922.
6.Paul (IX.60), born 04-10-1908, died 07-09-1983.
Marr. 24-04-1936 Emma Nickel (IX.61).
7.Paula (IX.63), born 08-07-1912.
Marr. Kurt Hahn (IX.62).
8.Susanna (IX.65), born Hurl / Rees 21-05-1914, died Herborn 1987.
Marr. there 13-01-1940 Wilhelm Seiszler (IX.64), Timmerman, born Herborn 02-07-1910.
VIII.51Joseph Korting, born Wickrath 19-09-1878, died Ratingen 12-01-1948, son of Peter Cornelius Korting (VII.31) and Maria Caecilia Heinrichs (VII.32).
Marr. Julie Combücher (VIII.52).


VII.33Heinrich Stephan Hubert Korting, chr. Neuss 24-12-1852 (tt. Wilhelm Schardt, Peter Caspar Schmitz), died Eindhoven 04-05-1933, son of Heinrich Korting (VI.29) and Anna Catharina Pastors (VI.31).
Marr. Severinkirche Köln 22-01-1880, Elise Schnitzler (VII.34), born Wickrath 20-01-1853, died Eindhoven 30-01-1925, dr. of Abraham Schnitzler and Rosa Rosberg.

From this marriage:
1.Anna Maria Catharina (VIII.63), born Köln 31-10-1880, died Odenkirchen 30-05-1881.
2.Maria Elisabeth (VIII.64), Religieuse, born Odenkirchen 18-11-1881, died Wijbosch 03-02-1931.
3.Gertrud Agnes (VIII.66), born Odenkirchen 30-12-1882, died Eindhoven 18-05-1962.
Marr. Woensel 01-05-1912 Johannes Antonius Bogers (VIII.65), born Woensel 27-08-1881, died Eindhoven 19-10-1955, son of Abraham Bogers and Maria Christina van Well.
4.Heinrich Hubert Stefan, born Odenkirchen 16-06-1884 (VIII.67).
5.Hubert born Odenkirchen 02-08-1885 (VIII.69).
6.Johann Joseph, born Odenkirchen 26-03-1887 (VIII.71).
7.Anna Margaretha (VIII.74), born Odenkirchen 21-02-1889, died Eindhoven 28-12-1950.
Marr. there 13-01-1920 Arnoldus Johannes Jansen (VIII.73), born Cuyk a/d Maas 19-06-1895, died Eindhoven 03-10-1952.
8.Josef Peter, born Woensel 01-07-1894 (VIII.75).
9.Paul Michel, born Woensel 29-09-1895 (VIII.77).
VIII.67Heinrich Hubert Stefan Korting, born Odenkirchen 16-06-1884, died Driel 13-12-1968, son of Heinrich Stephan Hubert Korting (VII.33) and Elise Schnitzler (VII.34).
Marr. Eindhoven 06-03-1916 Maria J. H. Verbunt (VIII.68), born Eindhoven 21-09-1884, died Gilze 17-11-1953.

From this marriage: 1 child
VIII.69Hubert Korting, born Odenkirchen 02-08-1885, died Heeze 31-12-1969, son of Heinrich Stephan Hubert Korting (VII.33) and Elise Schnitzler (VII.34).
Marr. Huisseling 07-08-1911 Johanna Maria Kroonen (VIII.70), born Huisseling 07-07-1882, died Heeze 19-01-1963.
From this marriage: 5 children
VIII.71Johann Joseph Korting, born Odenkirchen 26-03-1887, died Heeze 13-06-1960, son of Heinrich Stephan Hubert Korting (VII.33) and Elise Schnitzler (VII.34).
Marr. Eindhoven 12-02-1912 Johanna Maria Hendrica Dings (VIII.72), born Eindhoven 16-11-1888, died Meerveldhoven 04-04-1965.

From this marriage: 9 children
VIII.75Josef Peter Korting, born Woensel 01-07-1894, died Eindhoven 19-02-1980, son of Heinrich Stephan Hubert Korting (VII.33) and Elise Schnitzler (VII.34).
Marr. Tongelre 17-06-1924, church marr. there 18-06-1924 Adriana Maria Verhuizen (VIII.76), born Tongelre 21-12-1896, died Eindhoven 26-08-1989.

From this marriage: 10 children
VIII.77Paul Michel Korting, born Woensel 29-09-1895, died Best 17-06-1970, son of Heinrich Stephan Hubert Korting (VII.33) and Elise Schnitzler (VII.34).
Church marr. Grauw 05-05-1925 Maria Ludovica Verstraaten (VIII.78), born Grauw en Langendam 14-08-1902, died Eindhoven 12-11-1996.

From this marriage: 4 children


VI.33Peter Cornelius Korting, chr. Utrecht 10-07-1822 (tt. Hermanus Johannes Plieger, Pieter Bakker), died Neuss 14-03-1857, son of Cornelius Korting (V.39) and Anna Maria Verheyen (V.42).
Marr. Neuss 31-07-1851 Anna Gertrud Ross (VI.34), born Hülchrath ca 1829.

From this marriage:
1.Heinrich Johann (VII.35), born sept 1853, died Neus 20-09-1853.
2.Elisabeth (VII.36), born Neuss 1856, died there 01-11-1866.
VI.35Gerhard Cornelius Korting, chr. Goch 02-04-1826 (tt. Peter Lavon, Johann Wilhelm Wigen), son of Cornelius Korting (V.39) and Anna Maria Verheyen (V.42).
Marr. Neuss 30-11-1852 Elisabeth Esser (VI.36), born ca 1826.

From this marriage:
1.Gerhard (VII.37), born Düsseldorf 02-10-1853.


V.49Theodorus Korting, Poorter van Rotterdam 292/50, chr. Hassum 08-03-1777, died Rotterdam 24-03-1833, bur. there 26-03-1833, son of Henrich Korting (IV.38) and Agnes Cammans (IV.39).
Church marr. (1) Hassum 16-05-1796 (tt. Margaritha Hendrix, Aldegunda Verhasselt) Gertrudis van Ryckelt (V.50), born Hassum 28-08-1769, died there 15-03-1800, dr. of Christianus van Ryckelt and Wilhelmina van den Berg.
Church marr. (2) Hassum 04-05-1800 (tt. Joannes Korting, Cornelius Korting, Christianus v Rykelt, Gerardus Mol) Wilhelmina de Bruyn (V.51).
Banns (3) Rotterdam 07-04-1816, marr. there 17-04-1816 Johanna Maria Ooms (V.52), chr. Rotterdam 18-04-1782.

From the first marriage:
1.Wilhelmus (VI.37), chr. Hassum 04-07-1797 (tt. Christianus van Ryckelt, Maria Hendriks), bur. there 06-09-1797.
2.Wilhelmina Kortings (VI.39), born Hassum, chr. there 30-06-1798 (tt. Cornelius Kortings, Catharina de Het).
Church marr. Kranenburg 19-08-1821 Wilhelmus van Alphen (VI.38).
3.Joannes Franciscus (II) (VI.40), chr. Hassum 14-09-1799 (tt. Joannes Korting, Maria Hendriks).
From the third marriage:
4.Wilhelmina Maria (VI.42), born Rotterdam 14-07-1816, chr. there 16-07-1816, died there 07-10-1847, bur. there 09-10-1847.
Marr. Joannes van Erk (VI.41).
5.Maria Christina Carolina (VI.43), born Rotterdam 23-02-1818, chr. there 24-02-1818, bur. there 31-08-1895.
6.Pietronella Maria Joanna (VI.44), born Rotterdam 11-06-1821, chr. there 13-06-1821, bur. there 16-02-1888.


III.19Joannes Bernard Korting, chr. Uedem 27-10-1708 (tt. Evert van .., .. Cortings), son of Joannes Cortings (II.3) and Elisabetha Hebben (II.4).
Banns Kleve 03-10-1739, church marr. there 20-10-1739 Anna Maria Dickmeyer (III.20).

From this marriage:
1.Joannes Wilhelm, chr. Kleve 04-11-1740 (IV.42).
2.Dorothea Elisabeth (IV.45), chr. Kleve 19-03-1742 (tt. Joannes van Hülst, Dorothea Dickmeyer).
Marr. Jan Matus (IV.44).
IV.42Joannes Wilhelm Korting, chr. Kleve 04-11-1740 (tt. Wilh Arnold Dickmeyer, An Elisabeth Stevens), son of Joannes Bernard Korting (III.19) and Anna Maria Dickmeyer (III.20).
Marr. Gertrudis Holsenbosz (IV.43).

From this marriage:
1.Maria Mechtildis (V.56), chr. Uedem 08-09-1761 (tt. Cornelius Loeven, Joanna Roos).

N.B. For privacy reasons the rest of this genealogy has been omitted.
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