Genealogy of Jannes Korten
Bennekom   ~ 1730
Edition: 10 mar 1998

This Korting branch has been traced back to Jan Korten, who subscribed 24-2-1742 in Wageningen as soldier in the regiment of the colonel Eelko van Glinstra, in the company of colonel van Viersen.

In the church books of Bennekom the christening of his children can be found, where he is named as Jannes Korten, soldier.
The main question is: Where was Jannes Korten, being a soldier, born?
His family adopted the name Korting.

    Jan Korten, soldaat, born ~ 1725, died ~ 1782.
    Church marr. Wageningen Geurtje Hendriks de Vries (I.2).
      From this marriage:
      1. Jurdaan Korting (II.1), born Bennekom 15-02-1750.
      2. Andries Korting (II.2), born Bennekom 14-03-1752.
      3. Martien Korting (II.4), born Bennekom 31-03-1754.
      4. Geusje Korting (II.5), born Bennekom 17-10-1756.
    Andries Korting, born Bennekom 14-03-1752, son of Jan Korten and Geurtje Hendriks de Vries (I.2).
    Marr. Apeldoorn 14-08-1779 Elsje Janssen Pas (II.3), born Loenen.
    From this marriage:
      1. Jannes (III.1), born Apeldoorn 12-05-1782.
    Jannes Korting, papiermakersknecht, born Apeldoorn 12-05-1782, chr. there 12-05-1782 (witn.: Jannetje Janssen), died there 21-02-1839, son of Andries Korting (II.2) and Elsje Janssen Pas (II.3).
    Marr. Apeldoorn 05-11-1809 Everdina Kollert (III.2), born Apeldoorn 03-06-1781, chr. there 10-06-1781, died there 16-11-1856, dr. of Isaac Kollert and Geertje Everts.
      From this marriage:
      1. Andries (IV.1), born Apeldoorn 26-10-1810.
      2. Geertje (IV.3), born 1812.
      3. Elsje (IV.4), born 1816.
      4. Petrus (Peter) (IV.5), born Apeldoorn 15-04-1819.
      5. Hermanus (IV.6), born Apeldoorn 25-10-1821, died 21-10-1822.
    Andries Korting, timmerman, born Apeldoorn 26-10-1810, chr. there 11-11-1810, died there 25-02-1900, son of Jannes Korting and Everdina Kollert (III.2).
    Church marr. Apeldoorn 08-05-1847 Jannetje Jansen Pol (IV.2), born Apeldoorn 18-08-1815, died there 13-04-1899, dr. of Jan Teunissen Pol, landarbeider and Maria Bosgoed.
      From this marriage:
      1. Johannes Jan (V.1), born Apeldoorn 19-03-1848.
      2. Jan Teunis (V.3), born 18-09-1850, died 20-09-1850.
      3. Jan Teunis (V.4), born Apeldoorn 28-08-1851.
      4. Everdina Maria (V.8), born Apeldoorn 30-06-1855.
      5. Andries (V.9), born Apeldoorn 19-05-1859.
    Johannes Jan Korting, zeeman, metselaar, steenhouwer, born Apeldoorn 19-03-1848, died Melbourne, Victoria 22-01-1924, son of Andries Korting and Jannetje Jansen Pol (IV.2).
    Marr. Poplar, London 14-02-1877 (witn.: John Anthony & Hannah Farley) Catherine Anthony (V.2), servant, midwife, chr. Hemel Hampstead, Herts GB 20-04-1855, died Melbourne, Victoria 23-12-1916.
      From this marriage:

      1. Janet Emily (Jinnie) (VI.2), born Bowden, Hindmarsh S. Austr. 08-08-1879, died Melbourne 1945.
      Marr. there 1905 Walter Yates Raisbeck (VI.1), Meteropnemer.

      2. Edith Eveline (VI.4), born Goodwood. S.A. 13-07-1881, died Malvern, Melbourne 14-06-1931.
      Marr. (1) 22-03-1902, church marr. Melbourne George Henry Dell (VI.3).
      Marr. (2) Melbourne 1904 George Edward Richings (VI.5), died Kew, Melbourne 25-03-1963, bur. Springvale Cem.

      3. William Andrew (VI.6), born Selby Str. Adelaide. S.A. 27-02-1883, died Crafers. S.A. 07-12-1883.

      4. Elsie Rosslyn (VI.8), born Crafers, Adelaide S.A. 05-05-1884, died 1976. Marr. 1920 Les Frencham (VI.7).

      5. Arthur Andrew (VI.9), Bricklayer, born Barkley Str E, Brunswick 24-06-1886, died 18-07-1968.
      Marr. (1) 10-1913 Maggie Cunningham (VI.10).
      Marr. (2) Bertha Hunt (VI.11).

      6. John Edgar (VI.12), compositor, born Brunswick, Vict. 06-04-1890, died Melbourne, Vict 21-08-1932.
      Marr. Coburg 17-04-1915 Gertrude Emma Rea Holton (VI.13), died 22-04-1950, dr. of Arthur Stewart Holton and Gertrude Rea.

      7. Louisa May (L) (VI.14).
    Jan Teunis Korting, stoker, born Apeldoorn 28-08-1851, died 02-10-1936, son of Andries Korting and Jannetje Jansen Pol (IV.2).
    Marr. (1) 1906 Klaziena van Polen (V.6).
    Marr. (2) Fennetje de Graaf (V.5), born 1856, died 1903.

      From the second marriage:

      1. Andries (VI.15), born 04-11-1881, died 26-12-1881.

      2. Andries (VI.16), born 30-03-1883, died 1965.
      Marr. Johanna Smies (VI.17), born 05-1881, died Apeldoorn 21-03-1964.

      3. Hendrika (VI.19), born 10-09-1884, died Apeldoorn 27-02-1965, bur. 03-03-1965.
      Marr. W. Antonie Johannes Pannekoek (VI.18), born 13-05-1884.

      4. Joannes (Jan) (VI.20), born 30-05-1886, died 19-11-1977.
      Marr. Wilhelmina Johanna de Graaf (VI.21), born 24-01-1888, died 19-12-1989.

      5. Frederik (VI.22), born 13-11-1887, died 1978.
      Marr. 10-03-1915 Berendina Cornelia Veenbrink (VI.23), born 13-11-1888, died Arnhem 09-06-1968, bur. 13-06-1968.

      6. Antoon (VI.24), born 30-01-1890, died 22-07-1979.
      Marr. Liena Schuurman (VI.25), born 05-02-1886, died 1966.

      7. Jannetje (VI.27), born Apeldoorn 14-11-1892, died 1926.
      Marr. R. van Polen (VI.26).

      8. Joanna (VI.28), born 01-01-1895, died Apeldoorn 09-06-1986, bur. Apeldoorn 12-06-1986.
    Everdina Maria Korting, born Apeldoorn 30-06-1855, dr. of Andries Korting and Jannetje Jansen Pol (IV.2).
    Marr. Apeldoorn Cornelius Paul (V.7), timmerman, born Apeldoorn 11-01-1854.
      From this marriage:

      1. Andries (VI.29), born Apeldoorn 14-05-1890.
      Marr. 15-10-1912 Hendrica Bessels (VI.30).

N.B. For privacy reasons the rest of this genealogy has been omitted.